Facts About USC Village

USC Village is the biggest mixed use development in the history of South Los Angeles, and was entirely funded by USC.

  • 15 acres
  • 6 buildings
  • 1.25 million square feet
  • $40 million in community benefits provided by USC, including up to $20 million to an affordable housing fund managed by the city
  • $700 million investment


  • 5,400 construction jobs – all construction was completed by union labor
  • 2.6 million+ hours of labor
  • 324+ disadvantaged local workers
  • 20 percent of workers were local residents (within 5 miles of the campus)
  • 250 companies worked on project


  • 100,000+ cubic yards of concrete – enough concrete to build a walkway from Los Angeles to San Francisco
  • 23 million pounds of rebar
  • 1.2 million miles of wire – enough to circle the globe 48 times
  • 1.4 million bricks
  • 2,500 precast exterior panels, each weighing 9,000 pounds
  • 2,353 punched windows

Keeping the Environment in Mind


To protect the Ballona Creek Watershed and Santa Monica Bay, USC’s stormwater collection system is designed to catch 198,000 gallons during a downpour, remove toxins and garbage, then return the water to the aquifer.

Shading USC Village are 390 evergreen, native species trees, including camphor, oak and arbutus (marina strawberry tree). A big Coast Live Oak (Quercus Agrifolia) stands 30 feet tall and serves as a backdrop to Hecuba.

Bicycle riding is encouraged, with 1,200+ indoor covered parking racks + stations for wash, and repair, plus 224 outdoor bike racks.