USC Village is a next-level student living and learning complex nestled within a thriving, community-facing retail town center. It is the culmination of partnership between university leaders, academic faculty, student affairs professionals, civic and community leaders, and made possible with the generous philanthropic support from pillars of The Trojan Family.

Designed specifically to support the continuous scholarly and social development of undergraduate college students, USC Village is 15 acres of new construction, providing housing for 2,500 students. The student living areas are organized into eight residential colleges, each guided by faculty-in-residence who curate a rich array of extracurricular programs—from guest speakers, to group discussions, to social/cultural dinners. The more than 50 residential advisors enhance the academic learning with team- and friendship-building activities, cultural events and excursions, and programs that support healthy student development.


A next-level student living and learning complex, featuring a cluster of five-story residence halls, home to 2,500 students.



Overview central pathway for USC Village


A thriving, neighborhood retail town center with a range of shopping and dining options.




A grand piazza – more than an acre in size – forms the pinnacle of student life at USC.